Reasons to Train in Eyelash Extensions, Part 1

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Being in business for yourself can be hard work. You are running the show, hiring employees, serving customers, paying the bills, and planning for the future. Your reward is your satisfied and loyal clients who come to you because they know they will be treated well. As an aesthetician, you are in the business of helping people feel better about themselves. And you want to continue to do so by offering more services, including eyelash extensions. So how do you get certified in eyelash extensions?

NewMark Beauty offers the best eyelash extension certification courses. You can take one of our classes right here in California, or we can come to you anywhere around the globe. As the National Trainer for the LashX Method, Robyn Newmark brings her expertise in eyelash extensions and health to you. We offer a variety of eyelash extensions courses to suit your needs. In this blog post, we’ll review reasons you should train in eyelash extensions. Contact us today to find out when the latest course is near you!


As a business owner or someone just looking to expand their skills, you want to be able to serve numerour needs of the most customers. A great way to do this is by offering more products and/or services.

Furthermore, you’ll get to learn something new as well, which can help to alleviate the monotony of repetitive beauty treatments. Below are some of the reasons you should consider becoming eyelash extension certified.

  • Offer more for your clients. More is always better. More cookies. More cake. More ice cream. The more you offer, the more you can upsell. Plus, eyelash extensions are a great complementary service to other beauty treatments, such as hair coloring, makeup services
  • Bring in more revenue. If you own a day spa or an aesthetician practice, you know that once your customers enjoy your services, they will be loyal to you. Thus, the more services you can provide, the more revenue you can bring in not only from these loyal customers, but from new customers looking for your services as well. Taking lash extension courses from NewMark Beauty in either one of our store locations or at your salon so you can offer eyelash extensions is a great way to add to your existing services. 
  • Upgrade salon skills. The more beauty treatments you can offer, the more valuable you will be to prospective employers if you aren’t opening your own business, or the more valuable you’ll be to prospective clients if you do open your own business.
  • Increased customer satisfaction. These days, people love one-stop shopping, as demonstrated by the success of huge warehouse stores. By offering your customers more beauty treatments in one location, their happiness and satisfaction will go up as well.
  • Fast growing market. Eyelash extensions are hugely popular right now — so popular in fact that the need for eyelash extension artists greatly outpaces the supply. Hence, your services are immensely needed, meaning you can almost set your own price within reason if you are experienced.
  • Recurring income. Eyelash extensions are a service that must be maintained in order to keep your look, which means your customers have to keep coming back repeatedly. Recurring services are great to have in the beauty industry because beauty treatments are one of the first items to be cut from people’s budget when the economy becomes tight, or they lose their job. Recurring income and services also have the potential for exponential growth as you get more and more clients.
  • High rate of return. Eyelash extensions would be considered by some to be a luxury or an indulgence. They have a high markup for what it costs in labor and supplies, making them akin to a cash crop.


NewMark Beauty prides itself on offering the best beauty courses that will train you to be the top professionals in your field. We partner with LashX, which is the only lash system that promotes and improves the health of your eyelashes. There are three overarching goals of the LashX program: to master the eyelash extension application technique, to promote the health of your lashes, which LashX’s products achieve, and to educate clients on the proper aftercare of eyelash extensions so that the extensions will last.

NewMark Beauty offers professional salon supplies, including supplies for your eyelash extension needs, such as LashX Cleansing Kit, LashX Lash Cleaner, or LashX Adhesive Remover. All of our products are discounted if you are a Pro member, which means you must be a licensed professional and have completed our Pro application. All of our beauty products only have the highest quality ingredients that are gentle and effective for your clients. If you take any of our beauty treatment courses, including our eyelash extension classes, you will receive lifetime support from us.

Begin today to offer beauty that lasts. Register for your eyelash extension classes today!