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Are you looking for younger, healthier-looking skin? Our team of aestheticians are licensed in all of the latest skincare technologies. From microchanneling to microdermabrasion our team will identify the treatments best for your skin type and desired results. Consider a free consultation to identify what’s right for you! 

Experience the Difference of Medical-Grade Facials

Unlike traditional facials, our medical-grade treatments utilize powerful ingredients and advanced technologies to achieve deeper, more lasting results. Our licensed estheticians and medical professionals work together to create a personalized treatment plan, ensuring you receive the optimal solution for your skin.

Some of the benefits you can expect from our medical-grade facials include:

  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improved skin texture and elasticity
  • Diminished hyperpigmentation, sun damage and acne scarring

60-Minute Facial:

Customized just for you We like to treat you to a deep cleanse, followed a custom enzyme peel, oxygen and finished with LED light therapy.

Newmark Beauty Facial Treatment

90-Minute Facial:

For this service we like to treat you to a derma plane or microdermabrasion, followed by a custom enzyme peel, oxygen therapy, and finished with LED light or cryo therapy. This service also includes extra therapeutic massage throughout the treatment.

Newmark Beauty Dermaplane

Hydro-Dermabrasion Facial:

This is a medical-grade skin rejuvenation treatment. Hydro-dermabrasion is a skin resurfacing treatment that utilizes vacuum extraction, diamond tip exfoliation, hydration and serum infusion. This treatment helps improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles, add hydration to the skin, boost blood flow and minimize pores.

Newmark Beauty Hydro Dermabrasion

Peptide Infusion:

This treatment delivers medical grade peptides and antioxidants to the skin. We start with a dermaplane or microdermabrasion followed by our antioxidant enzyme. We finish it with our Newmark Beauty peptide infusion mask, oxygen therapy and 20 minutes under the red light. This treatment builds the immunity of the skin, infuses with nutrients while tightening and brightening. This can be done every week

Red Light Therapy - Peptide Infusion

Vitamin C Infusion:

Our vitamin C facial brightens the skin and builds the immunity. This is great during summer and winter to keep skin bright after peels or other invasive services. Vitamin C is nano channeled into the skin and finished with our hydration masks and oxygen therapy. Dermaplaning can be added as well as red light therapy. This facial can be done weekly.

Vitamin C Infusion treatment

Brightening Peel:

Our Sensi peel from PCA is our most mild peel but also highly effective for brightening and tightening the skin with mild peeling. This is great for sensitive skin or for beginners. This treatment will peel the skin gradually over the course of 14 days. Staying out of the sun is critical during this time but you won’t have to stay out of sight as the peeling is mild. We recommend three peels 30 days apart. After a few of these peels, there will be no filter needed on your photos.

Brightening Peel

PCA Ultra Peel:

This is an advanced peel for Brightening and tightening the skin as well as reducing the appearance of scars

PCA Ultra Peel

Microchanneling/ Microneedling w Procell Therapies

Microchanneling is a newer and safer way to perform microneedling. It stimulates collagen while delivering human growth factors to repair the DNA of the skin. What is so amazing about this treatment is there is only 2-24 hours of downtime, and you look amazing immediately, and you are enjoying the results the very next day. This is one of our celebrity favorites. We call this treatment our triple threat! We recommend not applying makeup 2- 24 hours after the service.

Newmark Beauty Medspa

Our brand-new medspa facility located in Rancho Mirage is a serene escape from the day-to-day.  Our modern amenities, state-of-the-art treatments, and experienced aestheticians will leave you looking and feeling your best.  Book your appointment today! 

Newmark Beauty MedSpa
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