What are Eyelash Extensions?

eyelash extensions

There is no shortage of beauty treatments today. The beauty industry is estimated to be valued at $532 billion, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. As beauty procedures and treatments become more affordable and more non-invasive cosmetic procedures hit the market, more men and women are taking advantage of them — all in the quest to look their best.

NewMark Beauty believes in offering beauty treatments that last. We offer training courses in eyelash extensions, microblading, and EpilFree certification so that you can bring these amazing beauty treatments to others. Moreover, we offer the best beauty salon supplies that only contain the highest-quality ingredients and that are the most effective.

One of NewMark Beauty’s best certification courses is the eyelash extension course. We have partnered with LashX, which is the only lash system that improves the health of your eyelashes. But before we jump ahead of ourselves and tell you why you need to become an eyelash extension artist, we should explain just a little bit about eyelash extensions first. Contact us today to get started!


Many people get eyelash extensions confused with eyelash lifting. Eyelash extensions, or false eyelashes, are synthetic “eyelashes” that are attached to your normal eyelashes to lengthen them and to give you a fuller eyelash look. Eyelash extensions come in a variety of sizes and curl so you can maximize your look. The benefits of lash extensions include making your eyes appear fuller, larger, and rounder.

An eyelash lift is where your natural eyelashes are “permed” so to speak or conditioned to the point they hold their curl upward. This has the same effect as eyelash extensions except you are not adding to your eyelashes.

Most people, NewMark Beauty notes, take their appearance seriously. Curled eyelashes make your eyes stand out and overall make your face appear friendlier because your eyes are exposed more. Hence, most people enjoy the look of longer eyelashes.


The eyelash extension industry is booming and is projected to only keep growing. In fact, the false eyelash industry is expected to grow to an incredible $1.5 billion industry by itself over the next five years. So if you are on the fence about whether or not investing in yourself and opening an eyelash extension boutique is for you, that figure alone should convince you that you should have a piece of that pie.

If that doesn’t convince you to register for NewMark’s amazing eyelash extension certification course, then perhaps these statistics will:

  • Professional eyelash services grew by 14 percent in 2017
  • This trend is only predicted to grow, if not accelerate
  • Independent eyelash studios are popping up everywhere
  • North America was predicted to have the lion’s share of this growth, projected to be at 36.78 percent
  • North America is the largest producer of hand-made eyelashes

Accounting for all of the above statistics, adding eyelash extension services to your aesthetician practice or your day spa only makes sense. You will be adding value to your current clients by offering these amazing beauty treatments, and you will attract new customers as well.

NewMark Beauty is on the cutting-edge of eyelash extension certifications. We offer a full-spectrum of courses for you to choose from, designed for someone with no experience through courses for those who just want to brush up on their eyelash extension techniques. NewMark Beauty also offers professional beauty supplies for licensed cosmetologists, as well as beauty supplies for eyelash extensions. When you partner with us for your eyelash extension classes, you will begin to offer beauty that lasts. Register today!