Reasons to Train in Eyelash Extensions, Part 2

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We’ve been discussing the benefits of becoming certified as an eyelash extension artist. From adding revenue to your business to providing greater customer satisfaction, adding eyelash extensions to your skill set and to our aesthetician practice or day spa only makes sense.

NewMark Beauty is passionate about bringing beauty that lasts to our clients. Eyelash extensions, microblading, and EpilFree certification courses do just that by allowing our clients to obtain the best beauty treatments available. Looking good and feeling good about yourself can be synonymous, and we understand that when you feel you look good, you are more productive, happier, and in an overall good mood. Our mission is to help men and women be the best versions of themselves through our beauty treatments and procedures.

Below, we’ll go over some of the great benefits of gaining your eyelash extension certification from us. Register today!


  • Social interaction. If you like working with people, then you’ll love NewMark Beauty’s lash extension classes. The average eyelash extension takes about two hours per person, affording you lots of time to make small talk and to get to know your clients.
  • Good money. Eyelash extension artists are in demand with a very short supply. Because there is a big markup on eyelash extension procedures, you can make a good living just doing this as your career.
  • Be creative. Being an eyelash extension artist, you are able to personalize each client’s look based on what they desire, using all of your artistry skills to their finest.
  • Set own schedule. The great thing about either owning your own business or being in business for yourself is that you are able to set your own schedule. If, for example, you are not a morning person, then don’t work in the mornings. You can cater to what works for you, and you’ll be more productive because of this flexibility.
  • Work from your home if you want. Many eyelash extension artists set up shop in a spare room in their home, or they open a day spa right down the road from where they work. The average commute time in the United States is 26.1 minutes a day, so over the course of a week you save 4.35 hours. And that’s just the average! If you were commuting a long ways, this will save you time and money.
  • Great job for moms. If you are looking to balance home life with career, then becoming a certified eyelash extension artist is for you. You can arrange your schedule around your kids’ schedule, being able to drop them off at school and pick them up every day, or being available after school to drive them to all their activities. Many parents don’t like working at night either. Being in business for yourself, while difficult, can be a blessing as well.


NewMark Beauty offers a variety of eyelash extension training courses to meet what you are looking for and the eyelash extension training that you need. Our Pro Course is a two-day course that teaches everything you will need to know to be a top-notch eyelash extension artist. You will test for your eyelash extension certification. Our Master Course adds another day to your eyelash extension training as you will become proficient in classic lashes, volume lashes, eyebrow extensions, and under lashes. Or, we offer a one-day intensive course designed for those already in the eyelash extension field who want to learn advanced techniques, as well as advice for your eyelash extension business. And, finally, to brush up on your skills, we offer a Refresh Course that is one day long to perfect your artistry skills. Invest in beauty that lasts, and register today for our next eyelash extension course near you!