Let’s Shine a light on LED Therapy

WHAT IS LED LIGHT THERAPY AND WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ALL THESE PANELS? What are the industry standards?  Is there a light I can buy from Amazon?     […]

Lash Retention is Client Retention

LASH RETENTION IS CLIENT RETENTION A workshop collaboration with International Award Winning Lash Artist, Andra Tashjian, Founder and Owner of Lunakai Lash and Hollywood Beauty Guru, Robyn Newmark, Founder and […]

Free – Epilfree Workshop & Certification

This is a LIVE ZOOM workshop and certification for Epilfree Non Laser Hair Removal. Epilfree is the newest technology in permanent hair reduction. This revolutionary 100% natural formula is an […]

Approaching Skin of Color

DOES DARKER SKIN NEED DIFFERENT SKINCARE?         LET'S ASK THE EXPERT! Dr. Sonia Bansal, world renown dermatologist, shares her expertise in approaching skin of color There are […]