5 Eyebrow Mistakes to Avoid With Microblading

banner-5 Eyebrow Mistakes to Avoid With Microblading

Microblading really is an art form. You are taking men and women’s eyebrows and making a semi-permanent change as you implant pigment in the upper levels of the skin. You can completely alter the look of people — which, to be honest, is the goal. However, you want to alter the look in the right direction, not the wrong direction. Unfortunately, many people get it wrong.

NewMark Beauty is in the “get it right” business. We have invested our heart and soul into our beautician courses, which include eyelash extension courses, microblading courses, and Epilfree certifications. Our beauty courses have been developed by Robyn Newmark who brings her 20 plus years of experience to the table. She shares with you not only the beauty technique, but also how to successfully run your own day spa or beauty boutique. The goal of all of our beautician courses is to train you to help others feel amazing about their looks while providing them beauty that lasts. Below, we’ll take a look at some common eyebrow mistakes to avoid while microblading. Contact us today to register for our microblading course!


  1. Tadpole brow. So named because the eyebrow resembles a tadpole, with a thick beginning and tapering to a tail at the end. This was popularized by Kate Moss in the 90s but is just not the look you want to go for. To fix it, let your natural brows grow out and then go from there.
  2. Eyebrow is too long. If your eyebrow extends into the temple area of your face, it is too long. Your brow should start from the point where the nostril meets the bridge of your nose to the outside of your eye and no further.
  3. Eyebrow is too thin. This may be because of age when your air naturally begins to thin out. Filling your eyebrows in is the answer here.
  4. If your eyebrows look like they were painted on, this is a problem. The fake look is just not in. Often, however, the problem is just pushing too hard on your eyebrow pencil. Just go lighter.
  5. Your arch is all wrong. When your arch is wrong, your face just looks off no matter what you do. The best way to fix this is by having your brow mapped, which is what a professional eyebrow specialists can do for you, such as one certified in microblading. Once your brows are mapped, you can then find the perfect spot for your arch to balance out your look for good.


Microblading is a growing part of the beauty industry, and as its popularity rises, so too will the demand for undergoing the procedure. As a day spa owner or an aesthetician, you will benefit from being able to offer microblading to your clientele. NewMark Beauty’s microblading course offers hands-on practice, both on fake skin as well as on live models. You will learn how to create the perfect custom brow every time, how to complete treatments observing health and safety at all times, and how to counsel customers on aftercare. 

In addition, for a limited time, we are offering in conjunction with our microblading course, our Epilfree non-laser permanent hair removal certification along with it. Hence, you will be able to add thousands of dollars of additional income to your business with just this one course. We also carry professional beauty salon supplies for your new microblading offerings and for Epilfree. Our mission is to support you 100% once you take our microblading course. Register today!

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