What NewMark Beauty Has to Offer

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Welcome to the NewMark Beauty blog! Here, you will be able to find all the best information about the beauty industry, beauty trends, the best products, and more! We are experts in the beauty industry and we want to share our passion with you.

At NewMark Beauty, we do a little bit of everything. From providing services to selling products to offering courses in different beauty techniques, you can find it all here. NewMark Beauty was founded by Robyn Newmark, a makeup artist, style, and beauty educator. With her knowledge and our love for all things beauty, we have built a business that has it all.

In our first blog post, we are going to talk about some of the things our business offers. Read on to learn more and contact us with any questions you may have!

Eyelash Services

A good set of eyelashes can really make a huge difference. While you can always enhance the appearance of your lashes with a few layers of mascara, NewMark Beauty offers a few different ways to improve the appearance of your eyelashes.

One of the services we offer at NewMark Beauty is eyelash extensions. Lash extensions can take short and thin lashes and transform them into full, lush, long, and beautiful lashes. When you get lash extensions, you will no longer need to wear mascara every day. Our team exclusively uses the LashX system by Makeup Mandy. The LashX system uses the highest quality lashes and a medical-grade adhesive that allows you to keep your gorgeous lashes for longer. LashX also uses the Flexible Hold Technology, which allows your lash extensions to bend and move with your regular lashes, which makes for a more comfortable wear.

The other eyelash service that we offer is an eyelash lift. This is a unique beauty service that is essentially a push-up bra for your eyelashes. The treatment will plump up your lashes, give them definition, lift, and separate them to make them look fuller. The lashes lining your eyelids are given a dramatic curl that completely transforms your lashes. This is a great way to improve the look of your natural lashes and can last for weeks!

With these two professional lash services, you can enjoy full and beautiful lashes that enhance your look!

Makeup Artistry

Another beauty service that we offer is makeup artistry. At NewMark Beauty, makeup artistry is what helped us get our start in the beauty industry in the first place. Working with makeup is a unique and creative outlet that we absolutely love. We can help you create the unique makeup looks you want, no matter what the occasion may be. Our team of makeup artists is skilled and knowledgeable. We keep up with the latest makeup trends and use the best makeup brands, ensuring that you get the makeup look you truly want.

We can provide makeup artistry services for a variety of industries and events:

  • Galas
  • Weddings
  • Fashion shows
  • Film
  • High fashion
  • Editorials
  • Costume
  • Print work
  • And more

Our talented team can help take your vision and make it come to life. No matter what you need makeup artistry services for, we are ready to help!

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup has become a popular trend over the years and we are happy to offer our clients with a variety of permanent makeup services. Permanent makeup is a great way to enjoy the beautiful looks you love without having to apply makeup every single day!

One of our permanent makeup services is called microblading. This is a method of tattooing that we can use to create the look of fuller and natural eyebrows. If you have thin or light-colored brows and constantly have to draw them on, this is a great option for you. We can give you full eyebrows that are dark in color and perfect in shape, meaning that you can say goodbye to that eyebrow pencil!

For those who wear eyeliner every day, our eyeliner tattooing service can help you save time and look great day after day. Our talented makeup tattooers can create the perfect eyeliner look for you. If you want a thin eyeliner look that just enhances the appearance of your eyelashes, we can help. If you want a dramatic winged eyeliner, we can do that as well! No matter what your go-to eyeliner look is, we can help create it permanently!

Our last permanent makeup service is lip coloring. This is a great service for those with pale lips, thin lips, and lips that they want to stand out. We can add color and a fuller look to your lips by simply adding a permanent color. Even just a darker natural color will give your lips a pop of color that you will absolutely love.

Permanent makeup is a great service for those who love the look of makeup but are sick of applying it every day. You can enjoy the look you love without having to worry about applying makeup with these services.

Other Services

Along with these three popular services, NewMark Beauty offers a ton of different beauty services for our clients.

Our other services include:

If you want to enhance your beauty with one of our services, be sure to contact us! You can learn more about our services online or give us a call to get your questions answered. While we offer a ton of beauty services for our clients, that is not all NewMark Beauty has to offer!

Beauty Courses

While Robyn Newmark has a passion for beauty and is excited to provide clients with the beauty treatments and services they want and need, she also wants to spread her knowledge and passion for the beauty industry. That is why she also offers beauty courses to help you learn new skills or perfect skills you already have.

Our beauty courses include:

Lash Extension Courses

We offer a variety of lash extension courses that can help you improve your skills and learn some new ones as well! Whether you are just getting started or you already have some practice in lash extensions, we have a course for you! Find the course that is right for you and sign up today.

Microblading Courses

Microblading is slowly becoming a more popular and trendy beauty treatment, which means all beauty professionals should learn this skill! Our microblading course is small, which means you will get personalized attention and be able to learn this skill better. Learn more about our microblading course and what you will learn.

Our Store

At NewMark Beaty, we also offer beauty products for salons and professionals, as well as personal products. Whether you are an individual who wants the best product in the beauty industry or you need to stock up on the best products for your salon, we can help! Be sure to check out our shops now to find the best products in the beauty industry.

Now that you know a little more about NewMark Beauty, you can get started with whatever you need! Do you want a permanent makeup service? We can help! Do you want to learn how to do microblading? We will teach you the skills and techniques. Contact NewMark Beauty today to get started. We look forward to helping you!