The Growing Eyelash Extension Market — And Why You Need to Be a Part of It

banner-The Growing Eyelash Extension Market — And Why You Need to Be a Part of It

The best way to learn about something is to ask the experts. After all, after having been doing something for a while, you should know the ins-and-outs, the tricks of the trade, the highs and lows, and what works and what doesn’t work.

In a recent survey by the Professional Lash & Brow Artists’ Industry, professional eyelash and brow technicians were asked about their careers and their business. The results paint a great picture of what a career as an eyelash extension artist would look like.

NewMark Beauty offers the best eyelash extension certification courses, available at one of our shops in California, or we offer classes around the country as well. We can even come to you if you have enough people interested. Below, we’ll go over some interesting statistics from this survey that may convince you to take eyelash certification courses and register with us today!


Eyelash extension and brow artists report that most of their clientele are women (98%). Still, the male market has a growing presence in the beauty treatment industry, as more men are paying attention to their outward appearances as well.

Most eyelash extension artists charge between $121 and $180 for their services. Half of those getting eyelash or eyebrow enhancements are between the ages of 18 and 34.

Eyelash artists report they are very satisfied with their careers (80%), and earn a good salary. Most eyelash artists are relatively new to their careers, with 55% reporting they have between one and five years experience. The vast majority have completed either eyelash extension training, microblading training, or some other form of training (which we hope the others will invest in NewMark Beauty’s beautician courses, or take one of our Refresh courses). A little over half have experienced work fatigue. Eyelash extensions and microblading require incredible attention to detail and concentration, which can be tiring at times. 

A whopping 70% were self-employed, which shows the entrepreneurial spirit of those in the beauty industry. Most are very socially active, using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, social media marketing, and websites to attract their clientele.

The top concerns beauty artists shared were:

  • Managing client aftercare
  • Fixing mistakes done by others
  • Getting enough money for the work they do
  • Trying to offer competitive pricing, while still paying overhead costs
  • Attracting new customers
  • Ergonomics

The survey also showed that 63% of those surveyed only did eyelashes, which is great. However, many opportunities remain. The fact is when you offer more services, you’ll not only make more money, but you will also be better able to serve your clientele who want a one-stop-shop for all their beauty treatment needs. With most beauty professionals reporting that they work up to 30 hours a week and earn up to $50,000 a year, there is definitely opportunity to grow.

Marketing is key as well, with the majority of eyelash and brow experts using social media platforms. However, with only half of the artists surveyed reporting that they have a website and only ⅓ of those reporting that they blog, there is absolutely more opportunity to market your business and yourself, especially as you do take on more training.


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