Qualities of the Best Beauty Treatment Specialists, Part 1

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Giving a great lash treatment is more than just “doing the job.” The beauty industry thrives on the customer experience, which is how the customer feels from the moment they step foot inside your beauty salon or day spa till the moment they leave. However, customer experience can extend beyond that, as you interact with your clients on social media and continue to build that relationship.

NewMark Beauty notes that there are certain characteristics that define the best beauty treatment specialists. We offer amazing beautician training courses that not only gives you the practical skills and know-how to get the job done right, but also gives you insight into the customer experience. With beauty treatments, most customers form a connection with you as a person, and it’s important to understand its role as you decide to embark on a career as a beauty treatment specialist and artist. In this blog post, we’ll review some of the personal qualities you will need in order to succeed as an eyelash extension artist, a microblading practitioner, and more. Register with us today!


  1. Personable. You need to be approachable, down to earth, friendly, talkative, and compassionate. When clients come into your salon for the first time, this is the one opportunity you have to get them to come back. From the moment they step foot (really before that because people do judge your place of business of its looks), you are on centerstage as they will be watching your every move. When you are personable, you won’t have to worry about a thing.
  2. Detail-oriented. Working with tiny hairs all day long can be exhausting. It requires intense focus and concentration, as well as attention to detail. The saying “not having a hair out of place” is true when it comes to eyelash extensions and microblading. Your work must be immaculate and near-perfect, and in order to accomplish that, you’ll have to pay attention to the tiny details that matter most to your client. This is something you can get ahead of during your consultation before the procedure by asking specific questions to find out if your client does have a particular look in mind.
  3. Be in shape. Performing non-stop beauty treatments all day long can be taxing physically. Some of the positions you have to hold and maneuver into when it comes to your clients take an enormous amount of core strength and stamina. Hence, you need to be in good shape to last in this industry.
  4. Look the part. By looking the part, NewMark Beauty means that you have to partake yourself of the products you are offering your clients, or, frankly, they won’t trust you. If you have unkempt eyebrows, why would someone come to you for their microblading treatment? That being said, does that mean to have to have every beauty treatment your also offers? Absolutely not! However, you are in the beauty industry, and there’s a certain expectation customers have on your appearance. You have to present a professional and expert persona in the form of how to care for yourself to be successful in the beauty industry.
  5. Professional. You are always going to have disgruntled clients that you just can’t please no matter what. You have to maintain your cool, even if they are upset. The same goes for not getting too cozy with your clientele. While you want to be friends with your clientele, you also want to keep it professional at all times.


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