EpilHome – Hair Removal Serum



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EpilHome is a facial hair removal product for at home use that you can sell to your retail clients. This is not a replace for the Epilfree treatments.
It can be used in between or after successful Epilfree Facial treatments to remove the last few unwanted hairs or occasional maintenance.
It is also great for women with only a few chin hairs and other unwanted facial hairs. They can apply this treatment to the hair follicle after plucking or waxing at home.

EpilHome: The Method & Product
The 3 steps method of facial hair removal by EpilHome was developed at the company’s laboratory for over 10 years and is based on their scientific studies that deal with the traits of medicinal plants combined with cosmetic treatments.

1 Remove
Remove the unwanted hair, including its root, with a tweezer.

2 Massage
Carefully squeeze 1 drop of EpilClear serum on your finger tip. Apply to the location of the pulled hair and massage with our finger in the opposite direction of the hair growth while applying slight pressure. Repeat the action after 3 minutes. In order to achieve the best results, it is recommended to repeat the treatment for two additional days – before you go to sleep.

3 Forget
The treatment has ended! The EpilHome serum contains protective ingredients that wrap the skin to ensure penetration of the active elements that are highly effective in preventing the regrowth of facial hair. To ensure maximum results, please make sure to maintain a dry treated area for at least 6 hours.