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2oz Spray Bottle

O2SkinPro’s new professional line of products contain the patented ingredient Ox66®, the only solid form of oxygen in existence. Ox66®’s molecular structure is in the form of a mineral-based salt clathrate (cage) that carries and delivers 100% oxygen. Formulated as a spray, when O2SkinPro™’s Skin Tonic is topically applied the active ingredient reacts upon contact, releasing oxygen that is absorbed directly into the skin.

Face & Body spray provides oxygen to wounded or damaged cells, essential for optimal skin health as oxygen functions as a nutrient and antibiotic, is anti-inflammatory, and promotes collagen formation.

Key Benefits:

  • Promotes healing and regeneration of healthy tissue and cells.

  • Stimulates collagen: Collagen is the connective tissue developed and laid down by the repair cells of the body. The formation of collagen is highly dependent on the presence of oxygen. By oxygenating the skin with Skin Tonic, you will help streamline and speed up this process.

  • Antibacterial and antifungal: Skin Tonic helps address acne, rosacea, and other types of skin ailments.

  • Quickly reduces redness and discomfort post-treatment: Pain and discomfort are a signal from the brain that your cells aren’t getting enough oxygen. Providing 100% oxygen accelerates cell repair, reduces edema (swelling) and inflammation, relieving discomfort and pain.

How To Use:

Shake bottle, Spray affected area post procedure.


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