How to Start a Career in Beauty Treatments, Part 2

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In our last blog post, we discussed some initial steps to take to start a career in the beauty treatment industry, whether you are interested in microblading, eyelash extensions, or others. NewMark Beauty is an industry leader in microblading courses, as well as eyelash extension certifications. With over 20 years in business, we understand how to advance your career. Today, we’ll continue our look at getting started in the beauty industry with further tips, and if you missed our last blog, those tips can be found here. Check us out, and register for your beautician training today!


Get equipment. You’ll need all of the accessories that go along with becoming an exceptional beauty treatment artist. Top-notch certification companies, such as NewMark Beauty, usually include some equipment to get you started. Or, we also offer professional beauty supplies for our certification courses, from LashX Adhesive Remover to Epilfree Pro Pack.

  • Showcase your work. It’s very important when you’re first starting out to solicit reviews and post your work on social media outlets and in your shop. You will have to reassure potential customers that although you are new to this particular beauty treatment that you still have what it takes to get the job done, and done correctly and beautifully. Make sure to take lots of photos of your clients for this purpose.
  • Get experience. In our last blog post, we mentioned becoming an apprentice at your local beauty shop. You’ll want to continue to explore your professional opportunities by finding a salon or aesthetician practice to call home. While many open their own beauty shop straight from the get-go, this can be daunting while you’re still trying to perfect your craft. NewMark Beauty recommends waiting until you feel completely comfortable with your chosen beauty procedure before taking a leap of faith and starting your own business.
  • Have patience. All good things come with time. When you decide to become a permanent makeup artist, a microblading practitioner, an eyelash extension artist, or other beauty treatments, it will take time to build up your clientele, hone your craft, and become well-known in your community for the job you do.
  • Network. Having support will be crucial at this stage in your career. Try to find professional organizations to be a part of. Go to trade shows in your industry, and talk to people. Build up a network of professionals in your industry. Not only will this help you with career growth, but you can learn a lot from people who have been in your shoes. Furthermore, with the beauty industry changing so rapidly, you’ll need to keep up on the latest techniques and newest trends in your chosen field. A network of professionals is a great way to do just that.


NewMark Beauty specializes only in permanent and semi-permanent solutions for your beauty needs. Our professional courses in microblading and eyelash extensions will offer everything you need to launch your beauty career. We also offer all of the beauty salon supplies to begin offering these services to your clients.

When you invest in NewMark Beauty’s eyelash extension certification, you will learn about the industry, using safe techniques and products. You’ll have an opportunity to practice on live models. As the only lash system that improves lash health, you’ll be assured you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to make a difference in your community.

Whether you choose from our top-rated microblading course, our amazing eyelash extension course, or Epilfree hair removal certification, you’ll be on your way to an amazing career in one of the fastest growing industries. Register today!

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