Epilfree Hair Removal

With so many different methods of hair removal and reduction, it is hard to know which is the best option. If you want flawless and smooth skin, you have likely tried a variety of hair removal methods, only to find the results don’t last as long as you had hoped or the method is more work than it is worth.

Epilfree is a permanent, non-laser hair removal method that is changing the way we look at hair removal.. This is a concentrated formula that can reduce unwanted hair after a few treatments. NewMark Beauty can also provide your salon and spa with Epilfree Hair Removal treatments, allowing you to provide this service along with your regular waxing services.


For Your Clients Seeking Hair Reduction Treatments

How Does it Work?

Epilfree is made with natural ingredients, such as herbs and safe synthetics. This hair reduction treatment is a safe and effective method that is paired with waxing, or any other method that removes the entire hair follicle from the root. Epilfree works by gradually reducing and stopping further growth of hair in the treated areas.

Epilfree comes in three concentrated serums that are targeted toward specific hair types and areas of the body which include:

  • Facial
  • Intimate care
  • Body care

Each area of the body and the hair that covers it is different and requires different care. This is what makes Epilfree so effective.

What To Expect

Like other hair reduction methods, Epilfree requires a series of treatments in order to give you the best results. For smooth, hairless skin, you will likely need anywhere from six to 12 treatments. This is due to the fact that the hair grows in stages and only about 10-15% of the hair on your body at one time is in the growth stage in which Epilfree is effective. The number of treatments depends on the area the client is having treated and the individual.

Who Epilfree Benefits

Epilfree is for both men and women and can be used on any part of the body and is beneficial for people of all ages, from teenagers to adults.  No matter your skin tone, hair color, age, or gender, Epilfree can be used to permanently remove unwanted hair from any area of your body.  The only time this treatment should not be used is if you have a skin irritation or skin that is damaged.

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