Epilfree Non Laser Permanent Hair Removal

EpilFree is a unique preparation
EpilFree is not an instrument. It provides a solution to excessive body hair regardless of hair color and skin tone.

EpilFree is effective
Up to 80% of hair growth is reduced and growth is delayed following a short series of treatments.

EpilFree is Suitable for all hair types and colors
Blond, red, white, dark, fuzzy = EpilFree works on all of them, a major advantage over methods that do not work on light or fuzzy hair.

EpilFree is suitable for all skin tones
Dark, light, tanned, all skin tones unsuitable for treatment with other methods.

EpilFree is suitable for all ages- even teenagers

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Newmark Beauty is also the distributor of Epilfree for California. If you are a beauty professional and would like to order and be trained on this product please send us an email with your professional licenses and we will be happy to help you get started with this service in your salon!!

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